Take a Screenshot (Windows platform)

Screenshot is a great way to keep record of your desktop.
In windows there are two ways to take screen shots.

WAY 1:
1.On your keyboard press the key labelled “Print Screen” or “PrntScr”
see below:


2.Now open Paint and paste and you are done.
(at a time only one image is captured)

WAY 2:
1.Click on start button and type in search box “snipping tool”
see below image


2.Now Snipping tool window opens.Click New button. (when the desktop becomes white tinted that means you are ready.)


3.Click and drag part of desktop you want to capture
see below


4.You are done. Now Save image in any format.


Note:    In windows 8 and above you can try this:

image   + PrtScr key

and you will have a screenshot in your pictures folder with name screenshot.


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