Change Startup & Shutdown Sound in Any Windows OS 

Many of us have a favourite song or tune we like to hear as many time as possible.

So here’s the way you can hear your favourite audio at the startup and shutdown.

Steps need to follow:

  •  Select a audio file and convert it into ‘ .wav ‘ extension file.                                                                                          You can convert with any software you can also download it.
  • Make sure that audio file should not exceed duration of 2-3 seconds (as it will slow your speed of pc startup)
  • Make sure size of file should be less than 500 kb
  • Assuming now you had completed all the steps shown above.

Go to the directory or copy and paste it directly to your address bar.

“” C:\Windows\Media “”   and search for “windows startup.wav” named file ((may be different for different version of windows but startup word will be there.

copy or cut that file and keep a backup of it.

  • Now rename your chosen audio file with the same named file you copied.
  • Now paste that file in that directory forcefully.

Screenshot (82)


Now You had successfully changed the startup and shutdown audio.

If you get stuck at any step feel free to ask.

and do hit like and share it if it helped you……


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