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Virus Proof Pendrive

Yes that’s now possible…..

Hurry?  Follow directly the steps….

For those geeky people who wants to know how it works          Here it is:

Virus in any system activates itself when a pendrive is connected to a pc and access the pendrive

The virus script accesses the pendrive with local level permissions of the pendrive and then the virus activates itself. We are basically preventing virus from accessing the local level permissions, if the virus is willing to activate itself so he need to ask for administrator for that.
 So here we are gonna change the permissions of pendrive and add a folder into the pendrive with full permissions so that No virus could affect your pendrive…..

  Steps need to be followed: 

  • Format your pendrive with setting file system as NTFS

Screenshot (83)

  • Now Create a folder in your pendrive name it anything you want.
  • Now go to the properties of your pendrive and then to Security tab and then click on edit button

Screenshot (84)

  • Now select only three option read & execute, list folder contents, read.

Screenshot (85)

  • Now goto the properties of the folder you created, and go to settings as you had done in the above case.

Screenshot (87)

  • Select the Full control option

Screenshot (88)

  • Now save all these settings and thus you have successfully created virus proof pendrive.

Save all of your data in the folder only you created.

Note:    You cannot directly send the files to your pendrive now and this process may slowdown you pendrive little bit almost negligible.   😉

If any query feel free to ask …..


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