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Hack Into Any Game You Want To 

Now you can easily change the status of your’s in the game with the app called as “Cheat Engine”

This app works on end no. Of games to cheat.

Download it from here.  Cheat engine


Step 1)  Install and run the app.

Screenshot (99)

Step 2) run the software

Screenshot (100)

As you can see there are end no. of options

You can speed hack into the game                                     You can change the values in the game( money, health, etc…)

Step 3). Go to the process list and select the game or app you want to hack into.

Screenshot (101)

Step 4)   Change the values of the game or app you selected in the process list.

Screenshot (109)

Step 5). Now select all the values from the left column and click on red arrow

Screenshot (111)

Step 6). Now change the values of all as shown in the image.

Screenshot (112)

Now move across the app and if any doubts come across feel free to ask 🙂


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