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Unlimited Money, Health On Gta Vice City

In this post I’m going to show you how to change the amount of money, health, anything you have in the game(Gta Vice City).
The same steps you need to follow for other games.

Download it from here.  Cheat engine


Step 1). Install and run the app

Screenshot (99)

Step 2). Run the game Gta vice city


Step 3). Go to the process list and select the game or app you want to hack into (GTA VICE CITY)

Screenshot (108)

Step 4). Now as you can see there are many options as
You can change the speed of game
You can change any values in the game

Step 5). Now all set , see how much money you have and enter that amount in the cheat engine and click on new scan


Screenshot (109)

Step 6). Now go to the game and increase your money a little bit and then again enter that amount on the app now click on next scan.

Step 7). Now select all the values from the left column and click on red arrow

Screenshot (111)

Step 8). Now change the values of all as shown in the image.

Screenshot (112)

Step 9). Now go back to your game and see whether the value has changed or not
You can check this by increasing money in the game(kill someone to increase money 😉 ) and still the values not changed repeat
Step 5,6.    2-3 times

Screenshot (113)

Step 10). Yippeee now you successfully increased your money


Move across this app and if any problem comes out feel free to ask…..


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