Make your own header file!(Wndows and Linux)


Yes you can make your own headers in c and c++.
very simple way …
(In windows OS)
you need a c/c++ compiler to test it.
Now open turbo c++.
2.Now type functions in it.

//header file no. 1
int add(int a,int b) //function 1
return (a+b);

int sub(int a,int b) //function no. 2
return (a-b);

//add ur own functions…

File->Save as
Give name as Myheader.h
and save(I will recommend that save in Turboc3\include\).
note: You must know where the file is default it will be in bin folder.while saving note down address.
and don’t get confuse in address…. file->new
and type…
#include<MyHeader.h>/*if u stored in include folder otherwise give path of file.*/
void main()

In Linux:

In linux there is easy way through shell:
Now follow these commands.
1.You will need root privilages to embed your header into system.(There is way without root also)
So type in shell
“su”(note:Without quotes
enter the passward if asked.if you dont know password goto step2.

2.Now in Home make directory
“mkdir My_Header”
“cd My_Header”

3.Now create file(you can use editors like gedit here I’ve used cat command):
int add(int a,int b)
return a+b;
(^z means ctrl+z which is used to terminate command in this case cat command)

4.Now check your header files for errors just by watching it again
“cat sampleHeader.h”

5.[root]Now this step isfor root users to embed file in system.
“cp ./sampleHeader /usr/include”
(You can use “mv .. …” too)

6.[root]Check the header file if successfully copied or not
“ls /usr/include/sample*”(it will list files starting with sample)

Now you are ready.

7.Type c code and include this header files
[for root user who copied header in /usr/include do like this]

[non root]

You have to give complete path.
dont copy above path.First check your file’s path by checking its properties and theninclude that file.

any error occured check steps correctly.

Try Experiments!


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