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Creating Image of PDF file

I was working on my document in Acrobat and there I developed a need where I wanted to use the page of document as an image for my other document.

So I searched a bit for it. Here it is what I found.
You can actually take picture of a page or part of page using Snapshot Tool provided in Acrobat.


1. Open desired PDF file.

2. Click on Edit Menu and select the Snapshot Tool.

Screenshot (137)
3. To capture entire page just click anywhere on page so that screen flashes.

If you want to select only small portion of page then simply press the Snapshot Tool and drag it on area you want to select.

Screenshot (138)

4.  A message will prompt describing success of Snapshot Tool.

Screenshot (139)

5. Now you just need to paste the captured image on Word or similar program.

ex, image is used in paint and word file.

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Feel free to ask if any query come out



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