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Find IP of all Computers/Devices you are connected with.

If you want to know the IP Address of the Computers/Devices you are currently connected with through a medium like WiFi .
For ex, if you and your friend are sharing a file or you are using an router to access the internet you can easily check who else is there using that router easily.

Which can be useful to you in many different ways 😉
You can know the IP Address by following steps.
1. Open Command Prompt (in PC)

Press    images   +  R To open Run and Enter ” cmd ” to open command prompt.

Screenshot (147)
1. Open Terminal Emulator (Emulator for Android & Linux based OS)
[Don’t know what it is have a look at this then …
2. Type ” netstat -r


Screenshot (146)


Note: This command can be used for checking how many devices are connected with your WiFi router or your mobile hotspot easily.

Feel free to ask if any query comes out
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