Speed Up Your Computer and Storage Space

Having free space in hard disk is very important. This space act as temporary memory when RAM is not sufficient.

There are certain techniques by which you can free your disk space and clear unwanted
files and documents.
Increasing free space in your hard disk especially ” system drive (c:) ” will eventually lead to more speed.

1.     For windows 7 User
Open StartMenu/All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/Disk CleanUp.
        For Windows 8,8.1 User
Simply Hit Windows Key and search for disk cleanup

Screenshot (151)
Select the options of drives / files and programs you want to clear.

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2. Clear all the temporary files in Temporary Files folder. For this close all windows.

Open Run window and type”  %temp% “ to open the folder and delete all files.

Screenshot (150)
3.  Remove all unnecessary and unwanted programs from your computer by removing them from “ADD or
Remove Program” in Control Panel.
4.   Re size Recycle Bin. You can set the maximum size of Recycle Bin By right clicking the icon and select properties tab. Now adjust the size of Recycle Bin. 4% is suggested.
Much of space is also assigned to System Restore. You can assign size to this option as well.

For that Right click My Computer icon. Select Properties option. In that select System Restore tab. There you  will find Drive names . Against them will be written is Monitoring.You can assign desired space to drive
by clicking on Settings Button.

Feel free to ask if any doubts come across
Contact us at support@techicraze.com


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