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Prevent yourself from being blackmailed with FaceBook Messages

Here I am going to talk about a very much serious issue faced by many of us.

As my friend faced the problem that someone was trying to blackmail her by some nuisance messages which was there in between them on their chat so she wanted to delete messages from both side.


due to the increased security FaceBook can’t be hacked except that u need to be a pro hacker 😉 and there’s no way to delete message from both side either but there’s an way by which the blackmailer has no proof left that the chat between them is true .

SO indirectly there’s no point of blackmailing 😉

The other person can see the chat but there’s no way that he/she could prove that the account is of the person as he will not be able to access the other person account neither the image there will be no data left of the other person on facebook except chats which are of no use if you can not proof the person in the chat  is that only simple isn’t it. 😉


SO Simply delete your facebook account from the below given link permanently

and don’t login for 14 days after that you FB account will be permanently deleted.



and thus your account will be deleted

from the below picture you can see the other person has no identity left with whom he was talking.


007 Feb. 01 20.39


006 Feb. 01 20.21


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