Hack Root Password (Linux)

Sometimes you may forget root password of Linux Distribution .So here is way to change it .You may use this trick to hack any Linux.

1.Boot to GRUB Boot loader .Generally grub is loaded automatically if not then long press shift key after BIOS loads.
refer image below:


2.Now highlight your distribution (In my case Ubuntu) and press ‘e’ to edit the highlighted option.
Now Screen must be Something like this(contents may differ):


3.Use down arrow key and scroll down until you see “Linux” or “Linux16”
In front of Linux some parameters (or say commands) are given .These parameter are Multi line each line ending with “/”.(refer image below)

4.You have to add extra parameters. Now scroll to end of the parameter list of Linux(or Linux16)
These are(without quotations):
“rw init=/bin/bash”


5.Now Press Ctrl+X to boot.
after boot you will be in shell.
(refer image below)

Now its time to Change password.


6.Type command (without quotations):
“passwd root”

Now you’ll prompted for password:

Enter New UNIX password:$your_password
Retype new UNIX password:$you_password



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