Access Your Android FrameBuffer

You may need to take Screenshot in Recovery but question is how?
Here is a way…

You need:
*Adb(optionally) on your windows system
*An Android device with root privileges.

1)In your android the file with name fb0 stores current display.

2)Generally it is stored at /dev/graphics/fb0

3)You can access this file to get current display .But fb0 is not in regular image form .

4)You need special decoder to decode this file .It’s for windows OS. get it now.

5)Now extract it and Open the extracted folder. Now open the command prompt and type command:
>adb pull /dev/graphics/fb0


it will copy fb0 to current cmd directory
If you dont have adb You can directely copy file from /dev/graphics/fb0 to your external storage and from external storage to your computer .

6)Now open Image Search Editor.exe .And from dialogue open the fb0 you pulled from device .


7)Now from view menu select color value(bits per pixel) .32 bit must work so select it.


8)You need to resize the the image now .In size menu click last option resize.


Now set values in Dialogue to your screen width and height. You must know resolution of your device.


9)Till now correct image must be appear on your screen .If not then check if you’ve done something wrong and try again .


Sometimes image may appear like my case…(above image). It appears like being copied several times. You can snip out the proper image from it afterward from paint.

10)Now click save as bitmap from menu and done!!


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