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“Computer Engineering” Student’s life in India !


Most students learn what to pursue in life AFTER their B.tech degree.
The major reason for joining an engineering college is: To have an easy academic life and to get a well paying job with the least effort applied.
That is not how it works.There are lots of ways to analyze the problem. Ill set the main characters as Society, The Student and the College.

Society: Society has always believed that engineering is one of the most noble careers to pursue. True. That doesn’t mean English honors or degrees in fine arts are worthless. Each and every academic degree is vital to the Nation, and it’s impact can be determined by how we perceive. If you wish to show off to your neighbors “See, my daughter/son just got into a engineering college (which becomes an MBA course after 6 years)”, stop.

The College: C0ngrats, you’ve joined a college after clearing the multi varied exams and courses.

About College Facility

  1. Ape  Softwares: LOL.. A hell lot of colleges and universities are still using Turbo C++ for their C and C++ courses. They don’t even switch to gcc, which is open source and available free of cost.
  2. Old Hardware: You will find Pentium IV and Pentium III machines with 256/512 MB RAM in so called CORE LAB. They have Core 2 Duo machines with 1 GB RAM in so called ADVANCED LAB. Machines with 4/8/16/32 cores simply don’t exist on this planet.
  3. No Power Backup: Electricity failed? Lab is over, and you are free now.
  4. Poor Maintenance: Machines will stop working every now and then. You are supposed to shake/punch/tap (maybe throw?) them to restore their functionality.
  5. Did you ask about cluster or HPC? Wait…..What the hell is that??About College Curriculum

    1. Obsolete Books: They are using books published in 1992 (maybe 1994, I don’t remember exactly)
    2. Books from local authors: Worst piles of pages I have ever seen. Tagging them as “book” is insult of books.
    3. Stone age technology: They are still stuck with C WITH CLASSES in era of C++11. Compiler means Turbo C++. Source control is performed by making multiple copies of code in a pen drive.
    4. Lack of practical stuff: Nobody has used a debugger!!

    About College Students
    College life is about parties, dates, getting lot of girlfriends, Woah…nerd guys I am really sorry for you’ll. but I have to agree with a point that boys really struggle to get a girlfriend! but I think girls do enjoy when boys like a dog follow behind them.

    They took engineering because of their mom/dad/elder brother or sister…..or because they will get a decent job somehow…

    PS: Pick a final year CS/IT student at random. Chances are very high that (s)he will not be able to write basic even- odd program properly.(any language recommended )

    There are way too many negative aspects, but you have to strive, adapt, endure and survive in the toxic environment. Life isn’t caviar served on a silverspoon send from heaven, you pave and construct your own future with your own bare hands. Engineers at ISRO, TIFR, BITS Pilani (IITs and NITs, and many private colleges) are making a huge difference to the country.I know they are  freaking nerds…and i think they are proud of it!  You can too, you need to work really hard, and use the resources available.

    WAIT….my blog isn’t  over…..ill be coming up with more bitter truth in the second half of this blog.keep waiting…Coming Soon!



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