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A Thing You don’t know about Your Camera 

Most Of us Now-a-days have a smart phones with Camera So we can click our Precious Moments,but some Mobile Camera have Extra Ordinary Capacity that you don’t Know about.
Cameras are generally known for capturing visible light (that are visible to humans from 400nm-700nm wavelength).

But some Cameras without filter can even see a bit beyond the red light(700nm +) known as Infrared Light which are not visible to human Eyes.



If luckily Your Camera has no IR-Filter you can see Infrared Light by a trick given below..
*You need a good infrared Source(working TV Remotes,STB remotes They have a infrared emitting L.E.D at front end)
*Focus Camera on Your Source of Infra Red light
*Just activate your IR-Source(by hitting any Remote Button will do it)
*If you can see the light through Camera by hitting the Remote buttons then your camera don’t have any IR-filter and also your IR-Source is working properly..

So now whenever you want to check your remote is working properly you can check through this trick…
Have fun…


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