Our Aim:

TechiCraze Automation has came into existence because of the current problematic situation.

We have noticed that today solution for every problem is available but still many of us are not aware of it or the solution costs to much for a common man to afford.

So We here in the TechiCraze Automation provide best in quality solution (devices) in so much cost effective way so that each and every person could afford it easily.

Currently our focus is to save resources and money as much as possible for the betterment of the society and you can also call us the minimum profit making firm.

You can freely ask any question regarding them over here.

We are always available for you.



This opportunity is mainly for students who are looking to make money while studying working part time.


If you need to be the part of this

what you need to do is share the information of our product to different people who needs it or  useful to them if they get ready to buy it

you should contact us and tell us your id  (id will be provided).

As soon as the end user purchases the product and we receive the money we will credit the amount to you according to the terms.

We are basically looking for DISTRIBUTORS

Yes you heard that right.

You now don’t need to have money to be the distributor just start with us and earn money quickly.


  1. The distributor will get 40% share of the profit on the product by us for sharing the info and selling the product to the consumer.
  2. The money will be paid only if the distributor makes it sure to tell us his/her user id.
  3. Daily record will be maintained on the site so that the distributor could check its progress.
  4. Money will be paid only if the consumer purchases the product and money is received by us.