Water Overflow Alarm

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Water Overflow Alarm:



When to use:

Whenever we want to fill up the tank which is usually located at the terrace we start up the pump and sometimes the water overflows thus wasting precious water and light,

so whenever you are willing to start the pump on start the device also.



This device indicates the amount of water present in the tank to the user at when the water is reached to that level. (level can be decided by the user).

As the water is sensed by the sensor the buzzer and the LED will get active and thus the user will get to know that the tank is full or the level has been reached.

Green Led will light up showing that the device is running..

As soon as the water tank is about to become full few minutes before,

The alarm will  start buzzing and a Red Led will light up as an indicator for you to turn off the motor.


Product Includes:

Device, adapter

15-20 meters of high quality wire with option available in it type 1 / type 2.

1 Year of GUARANTEE.

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